About Orizaba Original

Orizaba OriginalTM was born when we decided to go on an epic mission in Mexico to create the best Baja Hoodie that money can buy.

Part surf trip, part creative and entrepreneurial adventure, we searched far and wide for the best suppliers and the most talented Mexican designers to help us create our products.

Mexican drug rug sweatshirts are typically shapeless and formless, the textile and color designs are flat and uninteresting, and the quality varies with every piece - and usually toward low end! We wanted to change all of that while still offering our hoodies at the low price that consumers expect, AND WE DID.

Orizaba Original Baja Hoodies. Perfect fit, outstanding quality & variety. Designed and made in Mexico, ready to ship WORLDWIDE from USA.

Our pullovers are unisex, but sizing corresponds to Men’s USA standards. If you're a man you should buy the size you would usually shop for in a hoodie, and it should be loose and comfortable. If you prefer an extra baggy fit, go a size up! And since they're unisex, buy a size down from your usual if you're a woman.

Before you buy, be sure to check out our Drug Rug Size Charts.