As a retailer as well as manufacturer, importer, and distributor, we can handle orders of any bulk or wholesale quantity of both of our styles of Baja hoodies, in nearly 50 colors, as well as several types of Mexican blankets, in dozens of colors each. And we have additional Mexican textile products in production, with the first of a series of releases coming in early 2023.

All of these products are 100% made in Mexico. They are the authentic, traditional Mexican products that are highly popular with consumers in the United States and worldwide, and so they are exactly what your customers expect and are looking for. We make them in the very highest quality possible with these traditional materials, in the same small communities where they have been produced for several decades. Most of our factory partners have in fact been producing them for that long, and we brought them new designs and color patterns to work with, and access to new markets, higher volumes, and reliable recurring business.

We offer B2B customers the ability to select their choice of colors and sizes of Baja hoodies and Mexican blankets from our USA inventory, or you can let us choose the color variety for your order for a lower price. For larger wholesale orders, we can work with you and our factories on our regular manufacturing and import schedule, and make almost anything. We supply brick & mortar retailers, online stores, and even distributors, worldwide. Currently we ship all orders from our Houston warehouse, with all import procedures already handled for US destinations.

We offer a variety of shipping options including LTL/FTL, as well as discounted UPS, DHL, and USPS rates, and our buyers are welcome to arrange their own carrier pickups. We will work with you to meet your requirements on speed, cost, tracking, or your other priorities.

Since we started as an online retail brand, where growth is driven by reviews and feedback, and word of mouth consumer referrals, the hoodies and blankets we make are the very highest quality that can be found, or even made. Our founder spent several months per year in Mexico for many years, working on the ground with our factory partners, and finding new ones. Finally today, he lives in Mexico full time, ensuring tight quality control across our entire supply chain, and continuing to develop new interesting products for our own brand as well as our growing network of wholesale partners.

If you're a business buyer interested in Baja Hoodies and Mexican blankets in wholesale quantities, please fill out the form linked below to give us some basic info, and we'll contact you ASAP with our catalogs and order forms. We look forward to working with you!

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  • Unique/patterned Baja hoodies in adults & kids sizes. Our sizing is a bit larger than other brands, and we get excellent feedback on this. The drawstrings on our adults sizes are also functional rather than decorative, which is highly unique. These are 50% recycled.
    Orizaba Original Wholesale Baja Hoodies - Unique
  • Classic Baja hoodies in adults & kids sizes. Bringing the same unique features as our patterned Bajas, and still in extremely high quality, only with simpler, more timeless textile designs. These are 100% recycled.
    Orizaba Original Wholesale Drug Rugs - Classic
  • Mexican saltillo blankets, aka serapes, in very bright colors, commonly used for home decoration, as tablecloths, or to wrap up on a couch, but can be used anywhere.
    Orizaba Original Wholesale Mexican Blankets - Saltillos
  • Mexican falsa blankets in normal or extra heavy weight, in a bigger variety of colors, commonly used as a throw-on extra layer on beds, as a yoga blanket, or for anything outside. These are 100% recycled.
    Orizaba Original Wholesale Mexican Blankets - Falsas