Our Baja jackets are custom designed and made in Mexico, and available in the Classic, vintage style as well as with our Unique design weaves that allow for brighter colors and patterned textures. With the best quality and largest selection available, all sold at the reasonable price you've come to expect, you're sure to find a poncho hoodie in our shop that suits your vibe.

Each Baja pullover (also called a drug rug, Baja jacket, Mexican poncho hoodie, Mexican hippie hoodie, Baja surfer hoodie, or “jerga”, the Spanish word for the soft material) is either 100% recycled, or has some thin, strong virgin threads mixed in to create the more detailed weave patterns (all are 50% or more acrylic, and up to 40% polyester and 10% cotton).

Stylish and comfortable for men and for women, Baja hoodies are versatile, and great to wear in all climates. And like all legit drug rugs, ours have a signature front pocket that's deep enough to stash your Scooby snacks.

While many Mexican hoodies can be of inconsistent quality and size, with Orizaba Original you get exactly what you expect: Mountain peak quality and sizes that conform to US standards. Men should typically buy their usual size, and women should buy a size down, unless you like your Baja extra baggy and you like to keep your hands warm too. And with a full range of kids sizes, plus adults from XS to a massive 4XL, we’ve got everyone covered.

Kids size Baja Hoodies, you say?

Oh yes indeed. These bad boys scale all the way down to fit your rugrat, the "Kids 8-10" is a continuous step up away from Adults XS, and they go all the way up to a full 3 feet wide for 4XL. So our hoodies cover a huge range with no gaps. Check out our size charts to make sure you're going to get what you expect, because we definitely have what you need. There's only one minor difference to point out, in case it surprises you too: The Man made an appearance and said for regulatory reasons the kids sizes can't have drawstrings.