These thick, soft, colorful Mexican blankets (known by many names including serapes, sarapes, falsas, saltillos, colchas, tapetes, and more) are truly traditional, dating all the way back to the Aztecs who made them with a painstaking process of drawing out agave cactus fibers. Today we make them from recycled clothing and unused fabric scraps, and bring these timeless, artful textile patterns straight to your door with 3 clicks.

The more rustic falsa blankets are soft and thick, and perfect as a yoga blanket or sleeping pad. They're also great to use as a camping blanket, picnic blanket, or beach towel. They're 100% recycled!

Our brightly colored saltillos or serapes (or sarapes) are beautiful and vibrant enough for home decor, and are commonly used as a sofa throw, area rug, or wall tapestry. They're also great for decorating weddings and other events as a table runner or tablecloth or other artistic or traditional flair.

Either one can make a smart, useful item to keep by your door, to throw in your car, or even to decorate your carseats.

Don't wait around to think of what you might do with one later - their countless uses find themselves.